About Us

What we do

QRC Solutions provides consulting services to the broader biotechnology industry, including both start-up and established organisations in the following sectors:

  • Manufacturers of Human Therapeutics – including:
    • pharmaceuticals;
    • complementary medicines;
    • complementary medicines;
    • biosimilars;
    • medical devices; and
    • in vitro diagnostics,
  • Contract Research Organisations (CROs)
  • Clinical Research Organisations (also known as CROs)
  • Testing facilities
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Government Departments
Last Piece of the Puzzle

How we Work

As we are accustomed to working with a large range of companies, at different stages of development and with differing needs, we aim to be flexible in how we work with a company.

For example, for some companies, we will undertake a large project with a clearly defined end-point, whilst for other companies, we might work on one or more smaller projects to assist them in filling some knowledge gaps.

For other companies, we can be “on call” to assist them when required.